The Knights of columbus were formed in 1882.

This is how my contact with the Knights of Columbus began. In blue you see that Marborg truck #54 hit my orange 1977 Toyota the next handwritten text below the blue. This was on June 25, 2001. There has been another Post hypnotically created automobile collision on 5/21/04

Below in blue you see that I state the collision occurred after traveling north on Garden street. The next day after making this report I returned and changed the street to Santa Barbara street. At the time I had a severe cognitive distortion fouling my efforts to make an accurate collision report. I could not get the Police Department to help in making this report or examine my car or interview the other driver. (Examine photos) This underlines law enforcements inability to investigate ANY crime that may have been caused with abuses of somnambulism. The report also states the truck was going straight or making a right turn. I had been through this in my mind several times and realized and fully intended to write that the truck was going straight or making a LEFT turn. Major cognitive distortions can be created in the unconscious mind having to do with perceptions or expressions. The Garden street error is a perceptional distortion and the right turn statement is an expressional distortion. Basically, instruction to perceive or act, given during somnambulism, overrides visual and memory derived correlation as well as visual and motor skills.

Here is the amended supplemental. I STILL cannot stop the expressive distortion and write again "right" turn. At this point the logic of straight or left turn should be outlined. If the truck were maybe going right on a 2 lane road, the truck would be near the right curb and there would be no room to its right side for me to pass while making my right turn. If the truck were possibly going left it would have its left side near the center line and there would be a large gap on its left. This is the way it was. I cannot understate the degree of compulsion in action that can be created from a somnambulistic trance.

Thirty Five days later this article is on the front page of the LIFE section of the Newspress.

The caption reads the building is on the corner of Garden and Los Olivos. The original supplemental report states the collision occurred at that intersection which is the location of the Knights of Columbus Hall, not one block west on Los Olivos at the Santa Barbara street intersection.



of Columbus story continues.



They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.




To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or dissociate the hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited, naturally in this modern demonstration.